Attention BCLA Students: Need Academic Assistance

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Location: UNH 4346

Consult BCLA Student Ambassadors, a general academic support program by BCLA students for BCLA students. If you have academic questions that need answering or problems that need solving, we Ambassadors are available with accurate information, supportive guidance and referrals to campus resources. We are on duty in University Hall 4346 on Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm and on Friday from 10-2. You can also send a question or request by email to the Ambassadors account at or call us at 310-338-4298. So if you could use a little help with such matters as registering for classes, reading your CAPP report, clarifying Core and graduation requirements, understanding academic regulations, processes, and forms, selecting a major, preparing for careers, managing your time or improving your approach to challenging classes, we will do our best to help and/or link you to appropriate faculty or staff. Don’t waste time wondering where to go or what to do. Consult the Ambassadors, and we will get you moving toward an answer. We simply want to get you over the academic rough spots so you can make the best of your college education.